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Health Screening

Whether the big ?-0 is looming, or something has made you stop and listen, there are times in everyone's life when you just need to take stock. To find out how things are right now and see where they're heading. It's at these times that StoboHealth's individual health screening comes into its own. We look at all of you, top to bottom and all the bits in between. We give you your results and interpret them, with you in mind. We know there's no point knowing your numbers if they don't mean anything to you. With this very much in mind we have developed our own 'traffic light' system of health risk and show you exactly which bits are just fine (GREEN), which need monitoring (AMBER) and which need attention (RED).


We give you recommendations if you need and a gold star if not!



Health checks and screening is tailored to you and can include:


Symptoms and disease review

Medication review and recommendation

Diagnosis and second opinion

Metabolic risk and cardiovascular risk (diabetes, heart attack, stroke)

Bone health and osteoporotic risk

Mental health

Sleep health

Cancer screening

Nutrition, digestion and liver health

Kidney health

The full 'MOT'



This is all complimented by physical examination, blood tests, lung function tests and ECG.


Further screening options include:

 Ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm

Testosterone assay and replacement therapy

Vitamin D assay and replacement therapy

Vitamin B12 assay and replacement therapy

Advanced imaging tailored to your particular history or symptoms including whole body CT



Key Services

• Individual private consultation

• Private health screening

• Complex care co-ordination

• Private referrals

• Corporate screening

• General appointments

• Medical examinations

• Second opinion

• Blood & urine testing

• Scanning & x-rays

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