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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

World Health Organization


Individual Healthcare

No problem is too big or too small!

We are experts in diagnosis: from the most complicated and serious ailments through to the simplest of blood tests, and everything in between. Whether you are worried about yourself or a loved one, we are here to provide answers, reassurance and support. You could be feeling tired and worn out, or have a niggling worry about something scarier.  You may feel your GP isn't taking your symptoms seriously or hasn't had the time to explain. You may have been told that nothing can be done, want a second opinion or just need strict confidentiality in all matters medical. We support you to wellness with you and your needs at the very heart of your healthcare.


 We have a purpose built clinic in York set in beautiful gardens, with a calm and comfortable atmosphere helping you get the most out of your consultation. If you would prefer, we also offer home visits.


Services for the individual include:

Health checks

Diagnosis and symptom management

Second opinion

Care co-ordination

Private and confidential blood tests

Private prescription and referral service

Imaging e.g. X-RAY, ultrasound, CT and MRI

Vitamin D screening and replacement therapy

Cholesterol check

Testosterone screening and replacement therapy

Home visits and emergency call outs

Home testing kits



Key Services

• Diagnosis

• Health checks

• Second opinion

• Private prescription and referral

• Health and wellness for business

• Blood tests (UK wide)

• Medical examinations

• Care co-ordination

• Holistic care

• Scans & x-rays

Clinic Address

Harrogate Harlow

Harrogate Hospital

Lancaster Park Road

Harrogate HG2 7SX



Contact Us

Tel: 01904 230 891

Mobile: 07946 951 045






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