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Corporate Healthcare

What's the saying, be healthy, wealthy and wise? A happy workforce is a healthy workforce and a healthy workforce works!


Our tag line is healthcare by design; we take the needs of your business and your employees and deliver tailor-made health checks, vaccination programmes, health and wellness education, workstation assessments, random drug testing, all on-site. Our clients include the military, private healthcare providers, international travel specialists and national and international companies. StoboHealth designs healthcare to meet your business needs.

Our current contracts include:

Ensuring NICE compliance for clinical commissioning groups

Medical support and repatriation for long haul international flights

Corporate healthcare screening

Targeted health intervention for key employees

Ergonomic assessments within the workplace

Education on health, lifestyle and well being within the work place

Teaching and training seminars for general and specialist groups


The health of your business is our business.


Key Services

• Health and wellness checks

• Key employee screening

• On-site assessment

• Private prescription and referral

• Random drug testing

• Workstation assessment

• Health and wellness promotion

• Medical consultancy

• Second opinion

• Occupational health

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Harrogate Harlow

Harrogate Hospital

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