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About StoboHealth

StoboHealth is a family owned and run healthcare company with a wealth of experience and expertise in health and wellness. Established in 2014, we take our name from founder and Clinical Director, Dr John Stobo Smith.


StoboHealth's strength lies in combining knowledge with understanding; knowledge of medicine and disease and understanding of the impact it has on you, your loved ones, your work and your business. We are passionate about what we do; helping you to be healthy, wealthy and wise!


StoboHealth provides holistic care, diagnosis and screening to the individual whether that's you or a group of you. We provide bespoke healthcare services to business and groups such as health checks, screening, vaccinations, health and wellness education, the list goes on... on-site or at our clinic.


We are particularly proud of our dedicated and highly skilled team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and podiatrists all working at the highest level of their profession in private practice and in the NHS. It's this great team that means we have links with, and are able to coordinate care with, specialist services throughout the UK. Our unique flexibility means if you need healthcare or a healthcare professional we can help.


We're great at what we do. Let us help you be a better you.





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Key Services

• Diagnosis

• Health checks

• Care co-ordination

• Private prescription and referral

• Health and wellness for business

• Health education

• Medical examinations

• Second opinion

• Blood & urine testing

• Scans & x-rays

Clinic Address

Equinox House

Clifton Park Avenue

York YO30 5PA



Contact Us

Tel: 01904 230 891

Mobile: 07946 951 045






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